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Traveling was never easier!

Experience firsthand the wonders and beauty of nature in a Glatt-Kosher* personalized, quality tour’s through Africa. Taste the sensations and feel the energy imbued in our animal kingdom and witness the richness of astounding sights .

We create the perfect itinerary for your specific needs.

Experience Africa with KOSHERTOURS

*Under the strict supervision of the Beis Din of South Africa

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Our tours across South Africa are value for money. We believe in providing only the highest quality kosher foods and tours which will cater to all your needs.

Top Destinations

We have guided tours across all the top destinations in South Africa. Your enjoyment and safety are our top priority.

Kosher Catering

From the African bush to the bustling cities we have a 5 star kosher catering experience wherever you may be traveling.

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